Saturday, 28 February 2015

Avoid Major Danger with Aid from Dependable Calgary Plumbing Companies

The Quebec government didn’t mind the energy wells that line the St. Lawrence River—until environmental activist Serge Fortier set these on fire. Fortier’s objective was to raise awareness about a problem with these energy wells: they have leaky plumbing. After trying to make this known for years and engaging in drastic measures to attract attention, Fortier finally got the government to acknowledge the problem. Why do these wells badly need attention? That’s because they are a threat to the environment, in the form of damage that allows methane and other gases to leak. Aside from contributing to global warming, the Calgary Herald also described how the leaks are a risk to water, resources, and public safety.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Calgary Hot Water Tanks: Unseen Damage Homeowners Must Watch Out For

These problems are usually not immediately evident, and it may take a leak or, worse, a flooded basement to alert a home’s occupants that anything is wrong with their heaters. Calgary hot water tanks might have a lifespan of several years, but regular maintenance every couple of years will help homeowners ensure that their equipment is in top shape. In addition, a properly maintained hot water tank can be beneficial when it comes to insurance collection in case of emergencies. Leaks, pools of water around the tank, drops in normal water temperature, or abnormal pressure are common signs that there’s a problem with a hot water tank, and they should never be ignored to avoid further impairment to the equipment and possible water damage to the property. It would be wise to call professionals such as Son-Rise Plumbing to address these concerns immediately to avoid landing in hot water.