Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Calgary Water Heaters: Best Ways to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Buildup

As the Christmas cold rolls in, a spike in heating demand is naturally expected. Now would be a good time for trusted plumbers like Son-Rise Plumbing to remind everyone about a common but hidden danger. As you're probably aware by now, carbon monoxide (CO) is a tasteless, odorless gas formed as a result of incomplete combustion. In most cases, combustion chambers (i.e. heaters) don't get enough air to burn the fuel completely. This leaves some carbon behind to mix with the air and form CO, as opposed to carbon dioxide (CO2).

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Trust an Experienced Calgary Plumber to Eliminate Clogs from Drains

Of all the stress-inducing problems that can happen at home, clogged drains would have to be one of the most dreaded. Certainly nobody wants to deal with malodorous backflows that result from the everyday buildup of debris along pipelines. If left unaddressed, a clogged drain can cause serious problems such as negative pressure in the pipes and sewer gas leaks. Here, then, are some tips on how to deal with clogged drains.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Calgary Plumbers Warn of Freezing Pipes, Blowout in This Harsh Winter

Southern Alberta broke record lows recently after several communities recorded temperatures between 25 and 28oC below zero. Calgary, on the other hand, didn't come close on November 14, when its –21oC barely broke its 1911 record low of –27.2oC. Meteorologists are expecting warmer weather in the coming weeks but still around freezing.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Calgary Plumbing: Copper on Its Way Out, Soon to be Succeeded by PEX

Copper began taking over plumbing in North America after World War II. By the 1970s, it had already cemented its place as the quintessential plumbing material. It was easier to work with and didn't corrode as easily as galvanized iron, its predecessor. Yet for all its good qualities, copper wasn't designed to last forever. As soon as treatment plants started adding chlorine to water, copper plumbing systems soon began to suffer the effects of corrosion. Even with the natural protective lining formed after reacting with oxygen, copper pipes eventually succumb to leaks. Given that Calgary uses chlorine to treat potable water, homes with copper plumbing are placed at a disadvantage.

Monday, 8 December 2014

More Than Clean Pipes: Have a Calgary Plumber Maintain Your Plumbing

You’ll want expert plumbers in Calgary like those from Son-Rise Plumbing to check your home for leaks and to fix them as quickly as possible. For example, a leaky faucet may not seem like a big problem, but the moisture that it produces can corrode a sink’s fixtures and encourage the growth of mildew. If neglected, this can lead to more costly repairs in the future. Third, a plumber should clean your home drains regularly. Clogs don’t develop overnight—they are the result of accumulated dirt and debris that are thrown down your drains. At first, they slow down the flow of water in pipes, but they eventually form large blockages that ultimately cuts off the water supply. Hiring a plumber to routinely clean your home drains ensures these clogs don’t form at all.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Skilled Calgary Plumbers Ensure You Don’t Need to Worry about Leaks

Natural corrosion is just one of the many reasons to call in a plumber in Calgary who can take a look at your plumbing system’s pipes. Without their help, you’ll end up with a leak in your house and water damage. Another possible reason for a leak to develop is regular temperature changes; people like having hot showers, after all. However, metal expands when exposed to heat and when the heat goes away, the pipe contracts; this causes shifts in the piping that can cause leaks. Moreover, during winter, pipes can freeze which can lead to cracks, or worse, burst pipes. Your home can also develop leaks from a more obvious reason like clogs. Clogs form when dirt and debris like hair, grease, and materials like toilet paper or wet wipes enter the pipes and form blockages. This can make leaks occur in plumbing joints and cause your drains to back up.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Troubleshooting Low Water Pressure: A Typical Calgary Plumbing Issue

You come home after a long work day, and the sweltering heat is not helping at all. You decide to take a nice, cool shower in the bathroom, only to find that the water isn’t gushing generously and all you get is a slow stream of water. “Why? All the bills are paid for!” you comment in frustration. Chances are, your home’s suffering from low water pressure—a typical issue local Calgary plumbing companies such as Son-Rise Plumbing deal with on a regular basis. Home improvement expert Bob Vila knows a thing or two about how troublesome this issue can become; while also hinting on an appropriate course of action.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Calgary Water Heaters: Practical Tips to Help You Maximise Their Use

Lower Settings Set your water heater at a slightly cooler setting to reduce the amount of energy it needs to heat the water. It’s worth noting that you can save around 3 to 5 percent of your heating costs when you lower the temperature by 10°F. Water Heater Blankets If you have a Calgary hot water tank installed, consider purchasing a water heater blanket. By wrapping the blanket around the tank, you insulate the tank and reduce the amount of energy it uses to keep the water warm. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when using this device.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Calgary Plumber on Clogged Drain: Expert Skill, Tools, and Technology

Choked up drains is a nasty inconvenience, especially with a clogged toilet. A flapper valve may be easy to fix—just take it out and have your retailer match it with a new one, then clip it back on in two places and attach to the handle with the chain. Some toilet issues, however, require the experienced skill of a professional Calgary plumber. The most common—and vexing—of these toilet problems, is clogging. If your sink seems to be draining just fine, then the issue, most likely, is limited to your toilet. However, when both are slow to drain, something more serious is plugging up your pipes that may be beyond your DIY expertise to fix. Simply put, if the clog can’t be fix by your crafty plunger, then it’s time to concede that the problem may lie in the deeper netherworlds of the septic or sewer lines

Friday, 28 November 2014

Backflow Preventer, Other Solutions Your Calgary Plumber Should Know

A cross connection could occur with your garden hose, for instance, if it is left in places, such as a wading pool, a fish tank, or a floor drain, where contaminates could funnel into your drinking water. Homeowners are advised to consult with a certified Calgary plumber who can quickly identify the cause of discoloured water from your pipes, as well as they do with your clogged or smelly drain pipes and be able to assess and perform the repairs needed. Potable water can be seriously contaminated due to backflow, which is water flowing in reverse because of back pressure or back siphonage. Back pressure is caused when the system’s pressure (ex: thermal expansion) is higher than the pressure in the supply, while siphonage occurs when the main supply is being interrupted or temporarily depleted or drained, causing a vacuum that sucks liquid back up the pipes.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Calgary Plumbing Companies Can Help Households Conserve Freshwater

Like most of Canada, Calgary is surrounded by bountiful lakes and rivers, so the thought of a water supply crisis could understandably be far from any resident’s mind. However, environmental experts have been educating everyone about a possible clean water crisis that could hit the entire world by 2025, pointing to global population explosion as the main reason behind it. Calgary residents who wish to do their share can consider the various solutions that have been developed to conserve freshwater supply, and consult reputable Calgary plumbing companies on which would be most feasible for their homes.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Water Heaters in Calgary: Selecting the Best Option for Your Home

Tankless water heaters are fast becoming popular in Canadian homes, including those in Calgary. To investigate on the possible reasons behind this, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC) and Enbridge Gas have jointly conducted a study involving 23 homes which have made the switch to tankless water heaters. Benefits of Tankless Heaters Tankless heaters are being touted by energy conservation groups everywhere as an effective way to reduce energy use among households in Canada and other places in North America, particularly because hot water use is one of the biggest contributors to energy consumption in the region.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

A Trusted Calgary Plumber Knows Just How to Unclog Your Plugged Drain

Generally called limescale, mineral deposits can thicken over time and prevent proper draining if not eradicated right away. This type of drain clog requires the expertise of a skilled Calgary plumber from a company like Son-Rise Plumbing given that in many cases, dealing with limescale entails the removal of the pipes from where they are embedded. To ensure effective draining, observe a regular inspection schedule of your plumbing system. This way, you can determine if a total pipe replacement is already in order long before troubles arise. If you live in an old house and your drains often get clogged, the source may be even deeper or worse than accumulated hair and suds. Professional plumbers in Calgary have the skills and tools to fix the problem.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Hiring a Reliable Calgary Plumber Saves You from Plumbing Nightmares

Reliable plumbing knowhow, as well as knowledge of Alberta’s plumbing and building codes, are just two things that a skilled plumber in Calgary—such as someone from Son-Rise Plumbing—brings to the table. With such a professional on board, homeowners can steer clear of common mistakes like confusing the water pipe with the drain pipe in an attempt to fix a clogged sink. There is even the risk of misdiagnosing the problem, resulting in repairs that do more harm than good. For example, plumbing pipes can get clogged not only because of loose debris but also due to frozen water. This is a problem most Calgary residents are quite familiar with, given that winter temperatures in the city can drop to -15 °C. The best solution is to thaw the frozen water using dryers or the property’s own heating system. Subsequently, experienced Calgary plumbers can run an auger through the plumbing system to detect any blockages in the frozen pipes.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Calgary Plumbing Companies: Making Sense of Their Professional Jargon

Much like the previous term, “clamping the nipple” also means an entirely different thing in plumbing. What local Calgary plumbing pros mean by this is they’ll have to install a component called a nipple, a short piece of pipe with male threads on both ends. The presence of the two threads on each end allows the plumber to “clamp” two female pipe fittings in order to accomplish an assembly task. There are a lot more technical plumbing terms out there that can enrich the typical homeowner’s understanding. At any rate, count a plumbing and drain cleaning authority like Son-Rise Plumbing to get the job done with superior results.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

How Quality Water Heaters in Calgary Help Keep Your Wardrobe Clean

Ever wondered what those odd symbols at the back of your shirt or top mean? Industry Canada's Office of Consumer Affairs offers an explanation.The symbols describe the instructions for washing, drying, and ironing in accordance with the CAN/CGSB 86.1-2003, the latest version in a series of care labelling standards dating back as early as 1979. Much earlier versions still exist, but it's unclear when they were implemented. One of the most common labels in clothes and apparel pertain to the use of washing machines. The corresponding symbol is a bucket of water, often with dots inside the water and lines at the bottom of the bucket. The dots represent the ideal temperature for washing certain clothes. For instance, a single dot means that the water temperature must not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Why You Should Call a Calgary Plumber to Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

For simple blockages, an experienced Calgary plumber would suggest pouring boiling water into the sink, especially if the pipe connecting to the sewer line is made of metal. The temperature of boiling water can be enough to dissolve the clog, which in many cases would consist of hair and soaps. A solution of water, vinegar, and baking soda is also effective in dislodging hardened food materials stuck on the interior surface of the sink pipe.For installation-related issues, or if the blockage is too thick for at-home cleansers to dissolve, professional drain cleaning in Calgary is necessary. Likewise, expert services are needed when you can’t identify the source of the clogging.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Calgary Plumber Can Save Your Home from the Risks of a Broken Sewer

Sewage back-up may be prevented by having your sewer lines regularly inspected by a licensed plumber from Calgary. This is all the more crucial when you’ve just bought a home and have no idea when the sewer lines where last checked. Scoping the lines will reveal any problems with the pipes that can cause clogging and eventual back-up. In cases where a sewage back-up does happen, it is not advisable to fix the problem yourself. Even handling the spewed materials should be entrusted to expert plumbers in Calgary, who use special chemicals to sanitize affected areas. Call on plumbing companies like Son-Rise Plumbing to ensure a long-term solution to your sewage issues.

Monday, 10 November 2014

How a Reality Show May Stress the Value of Calgary Plumbing Services

Plumber to the Rescue A quick call to professional Calgary plumbing companies like Son-Rise Plumbing can’t get more important than it is now. They work around plumbing systems so residents don’t have to fill large bins at home with usable water. They patch up leaks, replace worn-out parts, and clean the soot from water heaters, all to ensure Calgary homeowners get the water they need, anytime they need it. Virtually nobody today can afford to lose efficient Calgary plumbing, especially when the temperature drops to extreme levels. A faulty water heater in a chilly day can be hard in the far north. Fortunately, plumbers are only a call away, day or night, rain or shine. Some plumbers are even willing to work in the late hours just to get homeowners’ pipes flowing again.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Set Calgary Water Heaters to Safe Temperatures for Pregnant Women

This does not mean, however, that pregnant women in Calgary have no other choice but to brave freezing waters when taking a shower or bath. They can take warm (not hot) baths, which even offer several benefits, including decreasing the swelling of the arms and legs, and increasing the essential amniotic fluid in the womb. However, it is important to get the temperature of the water just right. As Ms. Motorwala says, the ideal temperature should be at around 45 degrees Celsius or 102 degrees Fahrenheit. To ensure this is strictly observed, water heaters in Calgary homes where pregnant women reside should be working optimally at all times. This includes an accurate and fully-functioning thermostat that effectively controls the water’s temperature.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Maintenance Services by a Calgary Plumber Prevent Plumbing Disasters

While there are a number of minor plumbing issues in your Calgary home that you can try fixing by yourself, such as unclogging the garbage disposal, some problems can get too major that expert attention is needed. For instance, when sewage starts backing up or when main valves need to be replaced, it’s high time to hire a professional Calgary plumber. Because no home is built immune to deterioration, expect to deal with minor and major plumbing issues every now and then. However, these instances can be minimized through regular maintenance by a professional plumber. Not only can scheduled inspections and maintenance prevent plumbing issues from worsening, it can also prolong the life of your plumbing system and therefore save you from the huge costs of a premature replacement.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Hire a Plumber in Calgary to Help You Handle Water Pressure Issues

Water pressure is influenced by a range of factors, including the volume of water at the supply system, the diameter and length of pipes, elevation of the fixtures, and the pipe material. If your pipeline is made of galvanized steel and has been in use for at least two decades, chances are, mineral buildup within the pipe is already starting to clog the system. Even with sufficient pressure, you will end up having less water coming out of your fixtures. Therefore, it is crucial to have your plumbing system regularly inspected by a professional plumber in Calgary. These inspections should ideally be done on scheduled intervals, but certain signs can indicate that one is needed very soon. Monitor the flow rate of water in your home by recording and comparing your pressure gage readings. If you live in an old house, and you see that the flow rate has been on a decline, it is probably high time for a re-pipe.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Call a Trusted Calgary Plumbing Company for Help in Flood Renovations

Reliable Calgary plumbing companies like Son-Rise Plumbing are highly knowledgeable about these regulations and can be expected to comply accordingly. Permits aren’t usually necessary in repairing simple leaks, fixing plumbing hardware, and removing blockages, but they can be required if more extensive work needs to be done. In addition to proper legal knowledge, professional plumbers also have the skills and experience for the job. However, they are also quick to remind their customers about the importance of speedy action. If homeowners aren’t prompt enough in calling the experts for repairs, flood damage may only get worse to the point that nothing short of a full renovation can solve their problems.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Solar Water Heaters in Calgary can Help Build a Clean, Green Future

June 5 was World Environment Day and some cities in Canada took this as an opportunity to celebrate their latest contributions to creating a greener and cleaner future for the country. Dakshan Rangan, digital reporter for The Weather Network, wrote about the ‘Solar City’ pilot program of Halifax, Nova Scotia, which was approved in 2012. As of this year, more than 250 homes in the city have been refitted with solar water heaters, establishing the city as a leader in solar thermal use. The Solar City program is serving to inspire the rest of the country, including Calgary, Alberta, in adopting solar powered heaters in their homes. Companies like Son-Rise Plumbing can be relied on to install solar-powered water heaters in Calgary, in addition to traditional heaters like tankless systems and electric heaters.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Household Wastes are the Next Big Calgary Drain Cleaning Difficulty

Plumbers that offer Calgary drain cleaning services will assess the extent of clogging in drainage pipes and will make the necessary adjustments to clean and clear the clogs out. More than that, they’ll also advice homeowners on the proper maintenance of their drain systems, like the basics of proper waste disposal. Drain cleaning takes time depending on the extent of damage any clogging has done. Professional plumbers, however, can assure customers that they’ll employ the best methods and latest technology available just to clean their drains and give excellent customer service. Companies like Son-Rise Plumbing and Gasfitting make sure that their plumbers know exactly what to do in any drainage problem situation.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Professional Plumbers in Calgary Offer Solution to Flooding Problems

Plumbers in Calgary, Alberta and in the other provinces of Canada have been rather ingenious in whipping up solutions to help prevent backflow from flooding homes. Extensive training programs, apprenticeship, and continuing professional education for the plumbing and pipe fitting industry can all contribute towards producing easy remedies to trivial day-to-day problems. Backwater-caused flooding should never be experienced by any family; it is, after all, the duty of public works to make sure that the sewage system can handle the amount of water that rain and home wastewater bring. However, given that the government will need some time to upgrade the necessary infrastructure to cope with rising levels of water, it is best for the general public to be pro-active and take precautionary measures. For instance, people are advised to install valves to help prevent backwater from flowing indoors and causing floods in homes.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Calgary Plumbing Contractor Discusses Flooded Basements and Sump Pumps

According to Calgary plumbing contractor Son Rise Plumbing and Gasfitting, a sump pump proves invaluable in many cases. For instance, flooding often occurs when the ground is supersaturated by excessive rain or snowmelt. In these cases, there is little you can do but rely on a sump pump to keep your basement dry. Sump pumps are also life savers when a home is built on low terrain. Usually, homes are constructed on higher ground so water drains away from them. However, there are only so many high-elevation areas to build houses on, which is why some homes or even subdivisions can’t help but be constructed on lower areas. For these homes, a sump pump becomes a must.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Calgary Water Heaters Expert on the Benefits of Warm Baths and Showers

There’s a reason why athletes take warm showers after a game. The heat of the water loosens their muscles, tissues, joints and tendons, relieving aches and pains in the process. Furthermore, warm showers stimulate healing and reduces inflammation, which is why doctors often recommend warm compresses when you sprain an ankle. A stuffy nose will make breathing an ordeal. While there are over-the-counter drugs for nasal congestion, a warm shower can provide the same relief by relieving sinus pressure and moisturizing the nasal passages.