Monday, 12 January 2015

Cost of Water Heaters in Calgary May Go Sky-high Due to NRCan Proposal

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) means well when it recently proposed that water heaters in Calgary and the rest of the country conform to energy efficiency standards. Easier said than done, as manufacturers and homeowners have raised their concerns, as reported by Simon Blake for Canadians don’t really spend a whole lot of time fussing over their water heater. The heater quietly does its job and is easily replaced if it malfunctions. If the proposal of NRCan to reduce the energy consumption (by as much as 30%) comes to light, homeowners may be faced with an expensive upgrade or re-fitting. Only about 5% of the population currently utilize energy-efficient water heaters, such as higher-efficiency condensing units as well as heat pump and tankless models. The technology used in more energy-efficient heaters is, after all, neither free nor inexpensive.

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