Friday, 31 October 2014

Solar Water Heaters in Calgary can Help Build a Clean, Green Future

June 5 was World Environment Day and some cities in Canada took this as an opportunity to celebrate their latest contributions to creating a greener and cleaner future for the country. Dakshan Rangan, digital reporter for The Weather Network, wrote about the ‘Solar City’ pilot program of Halifax, Nova Scotia, which was approved in 2012. As of this year, more than 250 homes in the city have been refitted with solar water heaters, establishing the city as a leader in solar thermal use. The Solar City program is serving to inspire the rest of the country, including Calgary, Alberta, in adopting solar powered heaters in their homes. Companies like Son-Rise Plumbing can be relied on to install solar-powered water heaters in Calgary, in addition to traditional heaters like tankless systems and electric heaters.

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