Friday, 8 May 2015

Get a Plumber in Calgary to Help with Maintenance of the Sump Pump

With the mild winter and an early onset of spring here in Calgary, it is easy to forget that the mountain snow melt and spring rains are yet to come. It is important to check your home’s sump pump, which is often forgotten for most of the year. However, once the snow melts or rain starts pouring, the sump pump is expected to be working to keep the basement from flooding. A little maintenance check will ensure that it is in good condition. If anything seems to be wrong, then a plumber in Calgary can help out and see what the problem is. One of the first things to check is if the sump pump is plugged into a ground fault interrupter (GFI) outlet. This will turn the sump pump off if it gets wet, so check and see that this hasn’t happened and reset if necessary. The second thing is to check if the pump hasn’t moved. It’s also important to make sure that it is upright, or else it may not work properly and may not activate when the well is full.

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