Sunday, 10 May 2015

Why a Calgary Plumber Advises Against Pouring Grease Down the Sink

As a full-fledged homeowner, you’re likely familiar with this occurrence: if you’ve ever left a puddle of fat, grease, or oil anywhere for an hour or so, it solidifies into something akin to wax from a candle. The same chemical change applies anywhere—heaps of kitchen grease going down the drain will also solidify once they’ve cooled. Furthermore, the congealed mass of grease can cling stubbornly to your home’s piping, whether or not you pour hot or cold water on them. If you’ve ever heard your local Calgary plumber warn against pouring kitchen grease down the sink, please heed the advice. Such a deed does nothing good to a home’s plumbing, and is easily one of the most common sources of service calls to drain cleaning firms like Son-Rise Plumbing (while also being a preventable one). Well, what is so bad about it in the first place?

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